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Store Services

Store Services

Are you open on Weekends?
Yes, we are open for reduced hours on Saturday: 10am-3pm. Closed on Sunday.
Do you sell Telescopes?
Yes we do. We carry a variety of Celestron and Sky-Watcher telescopes, and even a beginner telescope for kids - the Celestron FirstScope telescope.
We also carry a selection of binoculars made by Celestron and Nikon, as well as Celestron spotting scopes.

For more details, check this out.

What is your return policy?
Do you take family portraits or headshots?
No, we are not a photography studio. The only pictures we take are for Passports!
Do you have a "busy season?"
Yes, generally you'll experience longer turnaround times for your orders between September through December each year. Make sure you allow for these longer wait times when ordering your Christmas gifts!
Do you offer Video/Audio data transfer for my 8mm/16mm reels or camcorder/audio tapes?
No, we deal with photographic media only.
For more information about the work that we do, check out the above Q&A: "What Products and Services do you offer?"