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Mounting and Lamination

Mounting and Lamination

What is Mounting and Lamination?
Mounting and Lamination adds a professional quality finish to your prints and more importantly, it increases their longevity by providing significant stability and protection to your enlargements.

Prints that are mounted/laminated are not affected by heat, humidity and sunlight like prints that are not, and also will not warp or stick to frame glass over time.
Why should I Mount my print?
Adding a hard backing material, like our Smooth Mount or Foamcore, increases the strength and rigidity of your print. In hot and humid environments a large, unmounted print will expand and contract over time, causing it to ripple, sag and stick to frame glass which permanently damages your photograph. Adding an acid-free mounting material substantially increases the lifetime of your print and prevents these negative events from occurring.
We recommend mounting prints 11x14" or larger that are going to be framed.
Why should I Laminate my print?
Lamination protects against temperature fluctuations and humidity that can cause prints to stick to frame glass, while increasing the overall lifetime of your print.

A laminate is a clear, protective film that shields your print from damaging moisture, scratches, fingerprints and dirt; laminated prints can even be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth - ideal when framing without glass.
What materials do you use for Mounting? For Lamination?

This is our preferred choice for mounting material. Smooth Mount is very dense and stable yet thin (1/16"), making it the perfect option for most framing projects. 100% acid-free with a completely smooth surface, Smooth Mount is best suited for any photographic print you wish to frame or increase the lifetime of.


Our thickest mounting option at 3/16'', black Foamcore board is lighter and less dense than Smooth Mount. Foamcore is best suited for large prints intended for display on easels or for framing a print that requires a thicker backing. Unlike Smooth Mount, not all parts of this material are completely acid-free.

The most popular laminate with both our consumer and professional clientele, this lamination has a subtle leather-like texture that adds dimension and texture, enhancing your print’s overall look and tactile feel. It will not alter the colour or sharpness of your original print and is the perfect compliment for any type of image.


Subtly textured, this lamination adds a delicate sheen to your photographic prints and is best for photos that will be viewed indoors under direct lighting conditions.
What’s the biggest size print you can Mount? Laminate?
Smooth Mount: for prints up to 46"x94"
Foamcore: for prints up to 34"x46"
Leather: for prints up to 50"x94"
Pearl: for prints up to 36" wide

How long does it take?
The Mounting and Laminating process adds an additional 2 Business Days to your print order, so you’re looking at anywhere from 3-5 Business Days total for adding Mounting and/or Lamination to your prints.