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Canvas Wraps & Prints

Canvas Wraps & Prints

What is a Canvas Wrap? A Canvas Print?
A Canvas Wrap is an image printed directly onto poly-cotton Canvas and hand-stretched over a wooden frame. They don't require a frame, and come ready-to-hang in your favourite space.
You may choose to make just a Canvas Print, which goes through the same process as a Wrap - it's just not stretched over a frame. You can frame these prints traditionally (like a regular photograph), stretch them yourself, or simply display them as you like.
We use museum-grade, fine art poly-cotton canvas. Our Canvas Wraps are archival and certified OBA and acid-free, which makes them an entirely eco-friendly product. Every Canvas is hand-stretched and will not warp or fade over time. More importantly, your Canvas Wrap will never need to be replaced (unless you decide to change up your artwork, of course!). The wooden stretchers that we use are 100% Canadian made, cut and milled in Quebec and assembled in New Brunswick.

What does "Gallery" or "Regular" Canvas mean?
We offer Canvas Wraps in two different depths: Gallery and Regular. These terms refer to how "deep" your canvas is; the distance from the wall and the face/front of your Canvas.
A Regular Wrap uses a 3/4" stretcher bar, meaning the edges of your canvas are 3/4" wide/deep.
A Gallery Wrap uses a 1 3/4" stretcher bar, meaning the edges of your canvas are almost 2" wide/deep.
What is an Image Wrap? A Colour Wrap?
Whether you want a Gallery or Regular canvas wrap, you will need to choose between an Image or Colour Wrap.
Image Wrap: when the edges of the picture wrap around the sides of the canvas. This canvas style works best with pictures that have a lot of "wiggle room" or a lot of space surrounding all sides of the subject matter.
Colour Wrap: when the edge is either Black, White, or a colour of your choosing. This is a popular choice for pictures that have subject matter that extends to (or close to) the edges of the image, when no part of the image can be "lost" around the edges of the canvas.

What is the largest Canvas you can make?
The largest Canvas we can make is 52x84 inches! This size is not offered on our website, however if you're interested in printing a canvas this size simply order the largest size available online and write in the comments that you want the largest canvas available! As always, before printing we will check to ensure the image file you submit is large enough to print at that size, and call you to pay the additional cost.
How long will it take to receive my Canvas?
You will receive your canvas wrap within 10 business days of placing your order. If you're ordering just a print, please allow for 5-7 business days.
If you need a Canvas Wrap faster than this, please give us a call! Sometimes we are able to accommodate a faster turnaround depending on your flexibility with sizing and the stretchers we currently have on hand.
Why should I get my Canvas from you? I can find them cheaper almost everywhere else!
We understand that other businesses can offer Canvas products for more affordable prices. They can do this because the materials and products they use are not archival, meaning within a relatively short amount of time the image will fade or the canvas may warp or even separate from the frame due to humidity and harsh sunlight. This is all fine if you want fast, temporary artwork or if you change your artwork frequently.
We care less about speed and more about providing you with beautiful, high quality and long lasting products. Our expert technicians treat every canvas they make with great care, ensuring your image's colour and density are checked and approved before printing. If we run into any issues at all, or feel your canvas could be better in any kind of way, we will get in touch with you before printing - every single time. We always want to ensure you are receiving the best possible version of your image! Those other companies would simply shrug their shoulders and print your image anyway.
Our canvases are museum-grade quality, 100+ years archival. Through humidity, bright sunlight and with the general passage of time they will retain their shape with no risk of warping or separating from the frame, and the image will not fade (assuming the canvas is not subject to harsh sunlight at all times of the day).
We use ultrachrome inks and media that ensure the stability of your image for 100+ years - meaning your image will remain stable and vibrant for as long as you choose to display your canvas. Our poly-cotton, bright white canvas is the very highest quality product available. It is also certified OBA and acid-free, making it entirely eco-friendly! Every one of our canvas wraps and prints is varnished with artists' medium varnish, which both protects and enhances the appearance of your image. This varnish is waterproof, non-yellowing, and adds vibrancy, depth and tone to your image.
Through intense research and years of trial and error, we know the canvas materials we use will withstand the test of time. Each Canvas Wrap we make is hand-stretched onto a Canadian-made wooden stretcher frame, right here in our lab! If you want to see and feel the difference for yourself, please come into our Brownlow location for side-by-side examples of our canvas vs. our competitors canvas.