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Fine Art Copy & Reproduction

Fine Art Copy & Reproduction

What is Fine Art Scanning and Reproduction?
Fine Art Scanning and Reproduction is for anyone who produces original artwork that wishes to make digital or printed replicas for resale or archiving purposes.
Our talented technicians make a scanned or camera-captured copy of your original and replicate it as closely as possible in digital and/or print form. Using proofing and colour-matching techniques, we make sure any copies being made from the reproduction we produce are highly representative of your original artwork. All work is completed on site to ensure the security and safety of your original artwork!

Please note: we have no control over the printing practices at locations other than our own lab, so there is no guarantee if you choose to print elsewhere that the reproduction will still be representative of your original artwork.

Can you make a copy of my artwork?
Yes, absolutely. We offer two different ways to copy your art: a Fine Art Scan or Camera Copy.
Our Fine Art Scanning is ideal for original artwork (paintings, pastels, drawings, etc.) up to 16x24 in size. These originals must be flat, not glossy and not textured to be successfully scanned. 
Our Camera Copy service is ideal for artwork that is too large to scan (over 16x24), or art of any size that is textured, warped/unflat, or glossy (like oil paintings).

What does this service cost?
Fine Art Scanning
  • Fine Art Scan (up to 12x18) - $30.00 + tax
  • Fine Art Scan (up to 16x24) - $60.00 + tax
Fine Art Camera Copy
  • Camera Copy (up to 12x18) - $50.00
  • Camera Copy (12x18 and up) - $110.00

Prices do not include the cost of prints or USB.