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Atlantic Photo Supply has a long-standing relationship with the professional photographic community.

Our professional photographer Pro-Account pricing is open to any photographer that derives a portion, or all of their income, from the sales of photographic products and services.

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Interested in becoming a Pro Client with us? Please read the following:

The process of obtaining a Pro-Account with us begins with an email to

Please include your full contact information in your email:
Name, Address, Company Name, Phone Number and Website. 

Once accepted, we begin the process of basic print testing. This is a mandatory (and very necessary) step to complete the pro-account process. Our goal is simple enough - to have the image on your monitor consistently match your prints, so you know what to expect every time you send in an order.

You will install our upload software - either ROES  or Workstream - and send your first test order. Once this process is complete, we will start to build a profile of your typical needs in regards to your day-to-day orders.

Allen Sutherland
General Manager

Atlantic Photo Supply

1 902-423-6724 (ext 1)

Toll Free: 1 866-905-3335


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