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Photo Prints

Photo Prints

When will my prints be ready?
There are times when unpredictable high volumes or time of year will change the below targets. Generally, our slowest turnaround is from September to end of December. If you’re concerned about receiving your order in time, just give us a call!

Lustre Paper: 24-72 hours (depending on quantity, size, and daily print volumes)
Metallic Paper:
Produced every Tuesday ONLY (files MUST be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings)
Mounted & Laminated Prints:
2 Business Days (on top of print turnaround time)
Fine Art Paper (Fine Art Matte/William Turner):
3-5 Business Days
Canvas Wraps & Prints:
10 Business Days
Photo Restorations:
2-3 Weeks
Photo Gifts
: 5 Business Days
Framed Fine Art
: 2 Weeks
Custom Framing
: 3 Weeks (approximately)
How will I know when my prints are ready?
The lab will send you an email notification when your order is ready for pick-up (or has been shipped).

Make sure to check your spam folder! It's very common for our emails to end up there.
I need my prints right away. Can I get them today?
That depends on our order volume, which varies quite a bit day-to-day. Feel free to contact us (via phone for fastest service) before placing your order so that we can try our best to accommodate your timeline.

If we are dealing with heavy volumes and you still need your prints more quickly than our standard turnaround (24-72 hours), we do offer a Rush Service that comes with an additional surcharge.

Some of our products (i.e. Canvas Wraps, Framed Fine Art, Custom Framing, etc.) cannot be rushed for various reasons.

What kind of surfaces do you print on?
Our most popular print surface is Fuji Crystal Archive Luster paper. We also offer prints on Metallic Paper, Fine Art William Turner Giclee, Fine Art Smooth Matte, Canvas, various Photo Gifting products, Art Decals, and Plaque Mounts.

Can I send my pictures to you in an email?
No, sorry. We cannot accept orders or images through email for security reasons. Orders are accepted in-store or online only.
Do you do any corrections to my images?
No...we do not alter or auto-correct your images, they're printed exactly as sent.
If you want to make adjustments yourself...there is an option for you to make some colour and contrast/brightness corrections within the software (select your photo and choose ‘Edit’ in the right-hand panel). Please check the image previews upon check-out to make sure you’re satisfied with any edits you’ve made.
If you want us to make some colour adjustments for will be charged per fix, per image. Contact us prior to ordering for pricing or for more information.
I don’t see the size I need online. Can you print custom sizes?
YES! If you need a custom size we can accommodate you.

Place an order for the closest size you can find, and write a comment stating the actual print size you're looking for. You will find the comment section in "Review & Order", directly above your subtotal. If necessary, we'll adjust any pricing and contact you after your order is placed.


Email us at or call (902) 423-6724 prior to placing your order.
How To Add A Comment
Why do my prints have a white border? I didn’t order prints with borders!
The simple answer is that your photos aren't the same ratio (shape) as the print size(s) you ordered. When the photo ratio and the print size ratio do not match, a crop is required.
Because you chose “Shrink to Fit” to avoid cropping (rather than choosing a “Center” crop), a white border was automatically added to your selected print size to "fill in" the space that would have been cropped off of your photo. Shrink to Fit "fits" your image into the print size you chose without cropping any of your image.

Prior to placing your order, the image previews would have shown that there will be a white border on your images (either top and bottom, or left and right). To avoid these borders in the future, a "Center" crop must be chosen when ordering rather than "Shrink to Fit". Make sure to move the crop to your liking, ensuring that nothing important is being cropped out of your print. You may have to choose a different print size to avoid losing important details.

Avoid cropping entirely by selecting a print size that matches the ratio (shape) of your photo, or by asking the lab for a Custom Size in the comment section.
Center vs. Shrink to Fit
Why are heads/feet being “cut off” in my prints?
The print size you’ve chosen doesn’t match the ratio (shape) of your photo, resulting in a crop. It is up to you to adjust/move the blue crop area to your liking, otherwise it crops your photo in the center by default.
To avoid a crop entirely, choose a (different) print size that matches the ratio (shape) of the image you chose. You can also choose “Shrink to Fit” (which adds a white border to make the image "fit" the print size) or ask us to print your photo as a custom size!
Make sure to double-check the previews before ordering to ensure the photos have been cropped to your liking!

View the link below for a visual example of this problem.

View an Example
Why is my photo being cropped?
The print size you’ve chosen doesn’t match the ratio (shape) of the photo you want printed, resulting in a crop.
To avoid cropping: make sure the ratio of your image and the ratio of the print size match. If they don't match exactly, your photo must be cropped. How much depends on how different the ratios are. You may also choose a different print size, ask for a Custom Size in the comments, or choose "Shrink to Fit" when ordering to 'fit' your image into the print size you've chosen (this will result in white borders added to your photo to fill in the negative space).

For help with ratios and cropping, please review our question about Aspect Ratios or view the link below.
Cropping Guide
Why does my print look bad (low quality/pixelated)?
There are a great number of reasons why your prints may not have turned out as you expected. Commonly, it is because the digital image did not have a high enough resolution for the print size that was chosen. Avoid saving pictures directly from online sources (Facebook, Google, etc.) and when saving digital files from a professional photographer, make sure that you are downloading the high-resolution (300 DPI) versions. 
To avoid low-quality prints in the future, make sure your images are as high of a resolution as possible, preferably 300 DPI or more, and properly sized to the size print you chose (for example: ideally, an 8x12 photo will be sized 8x12 @ 300 DPI, or 2400 x 3600 pixels)

Review the link below or check out our question "How Big Can I Make My Print?" for information on how to easily tell what size your image can be printed!
How big can I make my print?
My prints are dark/desaturated but they look fine on my screen. Why?
We do not make adjustments or auto-correct your images prior to printing - we have to assume the images you submit are properly prepared for printing. If you have not professionally printed your digital images before, you may certainly see a difference between screen and print (with the prints usually looking "darker" than expected).

A simple fix for this is to increase the brightness of your image before ordering, using photo editing software (like Photoshop and Lightroom) or similar mobile photo editing apps. You could also lighten your image using our software, in the "Edit" section (under 'Contrast'). If you don't want to try either of those, you can ask us to brighten your images for a small fee using the comment section. And make sure you’re using the right colour space for printing with us, which is sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998). Any other colour space will result in colours that are dull or just not accurate.

Why does this happen?
Unfortunately, your screen cannot display an accurate representation of a printed image. Because the screen itself is a light source, it shines through pixels and makes your images look brighter and more saturated than they actually are. This is why your images "seem" to print darker and less saturated than what you see on your screen, when in actual fact, the print is more accurate to real life. The colors will never be a perfect match because the image on your screen and the print from the printer use two different color sources.
What colour space should my images be in?
Please submit your files to us as JPEG's in either sRGB or Adobe RGB colour space - SRGB is actually ideal for printing with our Lab. Any colour space (other than the above) will result in inaccurate colours and/or dull images that you will most likely be unhappy with.

What does “Quick Order” mean?
Selecting “Quick Order” while building your order is a way to quickly apply the same size or edit to every photo you’ve uploaded, rather than selecting the prints/sizes individually.
It has nothing to do with the speed in which you’ll receive your order. If you need your prints faster than our regular turnaround (24-72 hours), please call us before placing your order and ask for Rush production (you may need to pay an additional fee for our Rush service).
How big can I make my print?
The fastest way to tell if your photo's size/resolution is appropriate for the print size you want is to upload the picture to our system and choose the print size you want. The system will immediately show a yellow (!) alert if your photo's resolution is too low. If you see that alert, we recommend choosing a smaller print size or choosing a different photo that has a higher resolution.
The link below will help you determine how big you can print your image!
How Big Can I Make My Print?
What is the largest print you can make?
For our regular Lustre prints, our printers can handle up to 58 inches wide by 99 feet long!
Please contact us prior to ordering for exact sizing information, as you may be looking for a different print surface (and they all vary in available sizes).
If I bring my phone in, can you get the pictures off of it?
Yes, we will show you what to do and assist as needed. If you plan on using our Kiosk, make sure to bring in your phone cord - you can plug your phone into our computer and go through the photos on it, choosing prints as you wish. You may then place your order directly from the computer. Or we can show you how to place an order from your phone.
Can you print locket-sized photos for a necklace?
Yes! We offer a Locket Size print option in our Lustre Prints section.
1. Head to Photo Prints and select ORDER PRINTS NOW.
2. Upload your image(s).
3. Scroll to the very bottom of the Lustre Prints section. Here you will see a product called "Locket Size Prints" for $20
(this price is a set up fee, because we must lay out your image in multiple different sizes on the same sheet)

You'll recieve two (of the same) 4x6 prints with multiple different sizes of your image to ensure you'll find one to fit the size of your locket!
Show Me
I ordered multiple products at the same time. What happens now?
Because different products get completed at different times, typically whatever is finished first gets held in-house to wait for everything in your order to be completed. Once every part of your order is complete, that's when we will send you an email that your order can be picked up (or it has been shipped).
If you prefer, we can call (or email) you when each part of your order is completed so that you can pick up as each product is ready. Just let us know in the comments if you'd rather pick up each product as it is ready; it shouldn't be a problem!
Do you offer quantity discounts?
For most of our products, yes!

The only products that do not qualify for bulk/quantity discounts are:

  1. Lustre and Metallic prints over 70 united inches (32x40 and up)
  2. Scanning Art Work and Camera Copy Work
  3. Film Developing & Scanning
  4. Canvas Wraps
  5. Framed Fine Art / Custom Framing
  6. Mounting & Lamination
  7. Plaque Mounts
I am a Professional Photographer. Do you offer special pricing or programs for professionals?
Yes, we do. We provide pro-pricing to professional photography clients who print with us, tiered by how much you spend per year (the more you spend, the higher the discount is).
Please contact the General Manager, Allen, at or call 902-423-6724 x1. If you are approved, he will set you up with an account and provide you with more information regarding pricing and ordering systems our Professionals use (Workstream and/or ROES).
If I send in an order, can someone else pick it up for me?
Of course. Please call in advance to let us know who it will be and we will put a note on your order. No sweat!
Can you make a copy of my picture?
We sure can. We offer a multitude of options, depending on what you are looking for.
1. We can make a printed copy of your photograph/slide/negative (it can be scanned to USB as well, if desired).

2. We can scan your photograph/slide/negative to a USB, in high or low resolution, so you can print it at a later time.

3. We can Fine Art scan your Artwork to USB, and print copies for you if you wish.

4. We can make a Camera Copy of your Artwork (large, or textured pieces), which we scan to USB (and print copies for you if you wish).
What types of images can you print?
We can print JPEG’s only. 
.PNG, .TIFF, .BMP, .PDF and .PSD files will need to be saved as JPEG’s before being submitted to us for printing.

Can you ship my order to me?
Yes! We will ship anywhere in Canada, and orders over $75 are shipped for free!

Do you have any tips for ordering from your website?

Before starting, MAKE SURE TO USE A GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER rather than Safari, etc.

From a Chrome browser, go to our website and choose "Photo Prints" - follow the steps and order prints directly from your photo albums!

If you are printing more than a few images, create an Album in your Photo Gallery with only the images you want to have printed. That way, you'll be sure to not forget to order anything and can focus on the details (print sizes and quantities, cropping, etc.!) This is also helpful in case something goes awry; you won't need to scroll endlessly to find your pictures again!

If you think any of your images could be too dark, use the built-in editor on your phone or download a photo editing app to lighten those pictures. You can also lighten from our system, under "Edit" - "Contrast".

If you're saving pictures from your email, make sure they're downloaded as the Original (largest) size.

Pay attention to the sizes; if your image is too small, a yellow (!) alert will show up and you should choose a smaller size for better quality.

When checking out, ensure the information you enter (your name, address, etc.) matches exactly to your payment information, otherwise your order cannot be completed.


Before starting, MAKE SURE TO USE A GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER rather than Safari, etc.

Gather all of the images you want to print into one folder on your desktop or somewhere that's easy to find (just copy the images so you're not directly moving them from their original folders). You can just delete this folder after ordering if you want to. This is helpful in case something goes awry; you won't need to hunt down all of your pictures again!

If you've downloaded professional photos from an online Gallery, make sure you've downloaded the high-resolution files from the photographer.

Pay attention to the sizes; if the image is too small, a yellow (!) alert will show up and you should choose a smaller size for better quality.

If you're saving pictures from your email, make sure they're downloaded as the Original (largest) size.

When checking out, ensure the information you enter (your name, address, etc.) matches exactly to your payment information, otherwise your order cannot be completed.