Plaque Mounts

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Plaque Mounting is a very popular and customizable, economic alternative to traditional framing that looks good and lasts!

Starting at just $16.50, this is an affordable yet professional option for preserving photos, certificates/awards, posters, newspaper clippings and any other paper-based media. A plaque mount is a ready-to-hang, beautifully finished product that would make a wonderful gift or addition to any room in your home.

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Plaque Mounting
Plaque Mounting

What exactly is Plaque Mounting?

Plaque Mounting (or Clear Mounting) is an affordable and durable, ready-to-hang print product. They can be ordered in both standard and custom sizes!

Images are laminated and dry mounted on ⅜" medium density fibreboard (MDF); the edges are cut and bevelled to the exact size of your photograph, document or artwork. The surface is laminated with a non-glare, 4mm laminate, which seals and protects your piece from wrinkling, staining, and moisture damage.

This laminated surface is completely washable and the bevelled edges are finished with paint in a variety of standard and customizable colours.

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