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Purchasing your first telescope can be a bit daunting – we can help you pick the right scope that fits your interest, skill and budget!  Atlantic Photo Supply has been selling telescopes by industry leaders Celestron and Sky-Watcher for over 15 years, and we offer the largest selection of telescopes and accessories in Atlantic Canada!

What kind of telescopes should I buy?

Consider several factors when deciding which telescope is going to be right
for you, or the person you are buying it for:

What you want to do with your telescope? Are you going to use it for casual viewing - looking at the moon, planets and easy to find deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulae?

Are you interested in taking pictures of what you see?

Do you want a telescope that finds what it is you want to see and then tracks that object as it moves across the night sky, or would you prefer one that you move yourself?

If you are buying it for a child, is the telescope age appropriate?

What is the budget for your purchase?

Answering these questions will start you on the path to your first telescope, and we can guide you on that path.

For some great information on selecting your first telescope check out this guide. It’s a great reference guide compiled by Celestron and the editors of Astronomy Magazine, and will give you an excellent primer of all you need to know before you make that first purchase.

How hard is it to get started setting up your telescope? Our blog answers!


What kind of telescopes do we carry?

We stock Celestron and Sky-Watcher telescopes that meet the needs of everyone, from first time buyers to advanced users. Our Dartmouth location has the biggest selection, where you will find the complete lineup of Celestron’s Nexstar SE series of computer controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Click here to see prices and models. These telescopes have been our best sellers for several years and start in the $600 range.

Celestron’s newest series, the NexStar Evolution are their first Wi-Fi enabled telescopes, allowing you to control the scope right from your smart phone!

We also carry a range of Sky-Watcher scopes. Our Sky-Watcher Dobsonian scopes offer great light gathering capabilities without having to spend a lot of money. We stock a number of Sky-Watcher refractor scopes as well as mounts, eyepieces and other accessories. Find our selection on those here. Feel free to drop by our stores for more information on the telescopes we carry and how they work!

Can I see these telescopes in action?

Twice a year (weather permitting!), with the help of members of the The Royal Astronomical Society (RASC) and Astronomy Nova Scotia, we host observing sessions at our Dartmouth location. You can look through different scopes and talk to existing users! Telescopes from our inventory are pressed into service as well of those of the volunteers from RASC. 

Come out, talk to us, and look through our scopes! If you want to look before you buy this is the perfect opportunity. Check our website and Facebook for further information.

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