Frequently Asked Questions


Film Developing

Film Developing

Do you still develop rolls of film?
Bring in your C-41 (Colour): 135, 110, 126, 120/220mm and B&W: 135, 126, 120/220mm rolls for developing. We process all Colour film in-house, and B&W rolls are sent away as an out-lab service.

What is your turnaround time on film?
Our standard turnaround for C-41 (Colour) film is 10 Business Days.
B&W film takes approximately 20 Business Days as it is an out-lab service.
Do you still sell film?
Yes we do. Check out our stock here!
Do you sell disposable cameras?
We sure do. We carry a variety of Colour and B&W disposable cameras - make sure to return exposed rolls to us for developing, prints and/or scans!
Can I mail my film to you for developing?
Of course! Just print and fill out our Mail-In Film Developing form below.
If you have any questions regarding the form, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. Please note that turnaround times will increase for mailed-in film.
Download Form: Mail-In Film Developing
Do you develop Black & White film?
Yes. We offer B&W Film Developing as an out-lab service.

Rolls are mailed out every Friday, and typical turnaround time for B&W rolls is 20 Business Days. Mail-in or drop off your film to either of our locations in Halifax and Dartmouth!
What types of film do you accept?
Colour (C-41) rolls we can develop are: 135mm, 110mm, 126mm, 120/220mm & APS.
B&W rolls we can develop are: 135mm, 126mm, 120/220mm.
I found some really old rolls of film - is this something you can develop?
Your best bet is to bring it in for one of our employees to check out!

It depends on a few things, such as how it was stored (is it water or heat damaged?) Usually we can develop most rolls that our customers find, but unfortunately in some instances we won't be able to process them.
Do you develop E-6 Slide film?
Unfortunately no, we no longer offer slide film developing as an out-lab service.

If you have mounted slides or rolls/strips of E-6, we can still scan and/or print them!
I know I took 24 pictures, but didn't get that amount back. Why?
The reason you did not receive as many scanned photos as you know you have taken is because we only scan or include frames from your rolls that have something showing/exposed.

For example: if your camera misfires or something goes wrong with the exposure, your image just looks black/blank once it's developed. When scanning, it shows up as a black image on our screen. Before skipping the scan, we lighten the frame to make sure nothing is there we may have missed (and obviously if something shows up we include that frame). If nothing shows up, we skip the scan.

If we were to include these scans, you'd see just a black or blank image.