Photo Mounting & Lamination

Enhance, Preserve and Protect Your Images…

Add a professionally finished look to your prints with our variety of mounting materials and protective laminates! Mounting and laminating gives extra stability to your enlargements, ensuring the longevity of your prints. We recommend mounting any print 11x14 or larger that is going to be framed.

In an environment with excessive heat and humidity, a large unmounted print can expand and contract over time causing it to ripple and sag. Or, even worse, temperature fluctuations and humidity can cause prints to stick to frame glass. A laminate shields the print from moisture and dirt, while mounting maintains the rigidity of your print. Laminated prints can even be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

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Photo Mounting and Lamination

Mounting Materials


3/16'' black foamcore board: Due to its light weight and density, foamcore is best suited for prints intended for display on easels.

Smooth Mount

1/16'' black board: Completely smooth surface! Smooth Mount is suited for any photo print you wish to frame. The material is very stable and thin, perfect for most mounting projects.


We offer a choice of two laminates to preserve and protect your valued prints: Pearl and Leather. Pearl adds a delicate sheen to your photos and is best for photos that will be viewed under direct lighting. Leather is our most popular laminate! It will not alter the colour or sharpness of original print.

Please allow 2 additional days for the Mounting and Lamination process.


Plaque Mounting is a popular and economic alternative to framing. This is a great option for photos, certificates/awards, posters, newspaper clippings, and any other paper-based media.

Images are mounted on 3/8'' hardboard, cut to the exact size of your artwork. The edges are beveled and the surface is laminated, which seals and protects your piece from wrinkling, staining, or mildewing. The surface is washable, and the edges are available in a variety of colors (black, white, red, green, blue, brown, grey, silver, and gold).

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