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We like big prints and we cannot lie!



As a professional photo lab we can custom size all your enlargements. Questions about size or quality? Rest assured we’re here to help. Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by the store for expert advice. For the best resolution we recommend 300dpi for the size you are printing.

If you are planning on framing your enlargement we recommend smooth mounting anything over 11x14. In an environment with excessive heat or humidity, a large unmounted print can expand and contract over time causing it to ripple and sag. Smooth mounting eliminates this effect preserving the longevity of your print.

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Collage and Poster Prints


Do you have a collection of photos you want to display in a creative way? Try a collage print! These prints are a perfect way to display groups of photos. Select a “freestyle collage” which allows you to completely customize your design. Or pick one of our template patterns for a drag and drop option.

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