Frequently Asked Questions


Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Can you take my passport picture?
Yes! And you don't need to make an appointment - just pop in during our regular business hours,  Monday through Saturday.
Do I need to make an appointment for my Passport pictures?
No. Just pop into either of our locations during regular business hours (if possible, 30 minutes before closing) and you’ll be able to walk out with your new passport pictures in ten minutes or less!

How much do you charge for Passport pictures?
One set (includes 2 printed photos or digital file): $21.99 plus tax
One set (includes 2 printed photos) and a digital copy: $32.99 plus tax
All additional sets (printed or digital): $11.00 plus tax

Do you offer any other Passport services?
Yes, we also offer:

Canadian & US Visa, Canadian Immigration, Canadian Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizenship, Canadian Gun Registration (Firearm License), Visa Photos for any Country (please bring in sizing information for any non-Canadian Visa and Passport to verify in case of any regulation changes).

We also take ID Photos for exams and licensing boards.

Do you offer baby Passport pictures?
Yes, if your child can sit up!  We use a stool, so they must be able to sit up on their own with zero or very minimal help from Mom or Dad. You’ll be allowed to crouch close by for safety, but your pictures will be rejected by Passport Canada if they can see your hands holding your child.

How long will it take?
From start to finish, you can be in and out of the store with your new passport pictures in less than 10 minutes! Please allow for an extra 10 minutes if you are having photos taken of your child.

What is required of me/what can I wear?
Passport Canada requires you to have a neutral facial expression (eyes open and visible, looking straight at the camera with a closed mouth, no smiling or frowning).

As for what you can wear...

Glasses are acceptable, however your eyes must be clearly visible with ZERO glare on the lenses. We recommend removing your glasses for your passport pictures whenever possible.

Your hair can be up or down. Just ensure your hair is off your face, so that your entire face/facial features are visible.

Hats and head coverings that are worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons are accepted, though the head covering must not create any shadows on your face.

You may sit in a wheelchair as long as a white blanket is placed behind your head.

For infant/toddler passport pictures...

They must be able to sit up (our rule at Atlantic Photo Supply)

They must sit square to the camera (no body or head tilting)

Their facial expression must be neutral (no smiles or frowning), with their mouth closed.

The pictures must not show your hands or your child's hands. You are allowed to crouch behind your child and put your hand on their back, underneath their clothing, for support.
Do you have tips for infant/toddler passports?
Taking pictures of children can be difficult - but add strict Passport Canada rules, and it can be downright frustrating for parents! We have seen that it can help to:
Expect it to take a bit longer to get an acceptable passport photo of your child.
Whenever possible, have two people present that the child is comfortable with. One person can stand near the photographer to get the child's attention, and the other can 'hold' the child in position.
Sometimes a favourite toy can be helpful for getting the child's attention (one person can hold the toy near the camera during the photo shoot)
For older infants and toddlers, feeding them small snacks while we take their pictures can be helpful to ensure we get a picture with their mouth closed.
We recommend that you dress your child in dark-ish clothes (avoid white). Hair must be out of their face, to ensure we can capture their entire face/facial features.