Frequently Asked Questions

When will my prints be ready?
There are times when unpredictable high volumes or time of year will change the below targets. Generally, our slowest turnaround is from September to end of December. If you’re concerned about receiving your order in time, just give us a call!

Lustre Paper: 24-72 hours (depending on quantity, size, and daily print volumes)
Metallic Paper:
Produced every Tuesday ONLY (files MUST be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings)
Mounted & Laminated Prints:
2 Business Days (on top of print turnaround time)
Fine Art Paper (Fine Art Matte/William Turner):
3-5 Business Days
Canvas Wraps & Prints:
10 Business Days
Photo Restorations:
2-3 Weeks
Photo Gifts
: 5 Business Days
Framed Fine Art
: 2 Weeks
Custom Framing
: 3 Weeks (approximately)
Do you still develop rolls of film?
Bring in your C-41 (Colour): 135, 110, 126, 120/220mm and B&W: 135, 126, 120/220mm rolls for developing. We process all Colour film in-house, and B&W rolls are sent away as an out-lab service.

Can you take my passport picture?
Yes! And you don't need to make an appointment - just pop in during our regular business hours,  Monday through Saturday.
How much will my Restoration cost?
Our photo restorations start at $70+HST ($20 set-up fee + $50 minimum). This would be for the most basic of fixes.
To receive a free quote for your restoration we must see your original in person, in order to properly assess the extent of damage and estimate the amount of time needed to complete your requested fixes.
What is a Canvas Wrap? A Canvas Print?
A Canvas Wrap is an image printed directly onto poly-cotton Canvas and hand-stretched over a wooden frame. They don't require a frame, and come ready-to-hang in your favourite space.
You may choose to make just a Canvas Print, which goes through the same process as a Wrap - it's just not stretched over a frame. You can frame these prints traditionally (like a regular photograph), stretch them yourself, or simply display them as you like.
We use museum-grade, fine art poly-cotton canvas. Our Canvas Wraps are archival and certified OBA and acid-free, which makes them an entirely eco-friendly product. Every Canvas is hand-stretched and will not warp or fade over time. More importantly, your Canvas Wrap will never need to be replaced (unless you decide to change up your artwork, of course!). The wooden stretchers that we use are 100% Canadian made, cut and milled in Quebec and assembled in New Brunswick.

What bulk scanning services do you offer?
We offer a Shoebox Scan for bulk photographs (price-breaks available up to 501+ prints) and Slide Scanning services for bulk slides (price-breaks available up to 1000 slides).
What is Fine Art Scanning and Reproduction?
Fine Art Scanning and Reproduction is for anyone who produces original artwork that wishes to make digital or printed replicas for resale or archiving purposes.
Our talented technicians make a scanned or camera-captured copy of your original and replicate it as closely as possible in digital and/or print form. Using proofing and colour-matching techniques, we make sure any copies being made from the reproduction we produce are highly representative of your original artwork. All work is completed on site to ensure the security and safety of your original artwork!

Please note: we have no control over the printing practices at locations other than our own lab, so there is no guarantee if you choose to print elsewhere that the reproduction will still be representative of your original artwork.

What is Mounting and Lamination?
Mounting and Lamination adds a professional quality finish to your prints and more importantly, it increases their longevity by providing significant stability and protection to your enlargements.

Prints that are mounted/laminated are not affected by heat, humidity and sunlight like prints that are not, and also will not warp or stick to frame glass over time.
Do you offer Custom Framing?
Yes! Custom Framing is offered through both stores and the work is completed at our Dartmouth location.
How will I know when my prints are ready?
The lab will send you an email notification when your order is ready for pick-up (or has been shipped).

Make sure to check your spam folder! It's very common for our emails to end up there.
What is your turnaround time on film?
Our standard turnaround for C-41 (Colour) film is 10 Business Days.
B&W film takes approximately 20 Business Days as it is an out-lab service.
Do I need to make an appointment for my Passport pictures?
No. Just pop into either of our locations during regular business hours (if possible, 30 minutes before closing) and you’ll be able to walk out with your new passport pictures in ten minutes or less!

Are you open on Weekends?
Yes, we are open for reduced hours on Saturdays: 10am-3pm. Closed on Sunday.
How long will it take to complete my Restoration?
Any restoration, no matter the damage, will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.
What does "Gallery" or "Regular" Canvas mean?
We offer Canvas Wraps in two different depths: Gallery and Regular. These terms refer to how "deep" your canvas is; the distance from the wall and the face/front of your Canvas.
A Regular Wrap uses a 3/4" stretcher bar, meaning the edges of your canvas are 3/4" wide/deep.
A Gallery Wrap uses a 1 3/4" stretcher bar, meaning the edges of your canvas are almost 2" wide/deep.
How can I save money with your bulk scanning services?
If you have 7 or more photographs, you'll save money using our Shoebox Scanning service!

For our Shoebox Scanning Service, scanning up to 50 photographs costs $40.25 (taxes included). If you have up to 6 photographs you want scanned, you're better off submitting these for our regular Copy & Scanning service (these scanned files are much larger - however, they cost $5.50 each. 6 photos scanned this way will cost $37.95, taxes included).

If you have 12 or more slides, you'll save money using our bulk Slide Scanning service!

For our Slide Scanning Service, scanning up to 50 slides costs $74.75 (taxes included). If you have up to 11 slides to scan, you're better off submitting these for our regular Copy & Scanning service (these scanned files are larger - however, they cost $5.50 each. 11 photos scanned this way will cost $69.58, taxes included).
Can you make a copy of my artwork?
Yes, absolutely. We offer two different ways to copy your art: a Fine Art Scan or Camera Copy.
Our Fine Art Scanning is ideal for original artwork (paintings, pastels, drawings, etc.) up to 16x24 in size. These originals must be flat, not glossy and not textured to be successfully scanned. 
Our Camera Copy service is ideal for artwork that is too large to scan (over 16x24), or art of any size that is textured, warped/unflat, or glossy (like oil paintings).

What is the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround time for Custom Framing is 3-4 weeks.
I need my prints right away. Can I get them today?
That depends on our order volume, which varies quite a bit day-to-day. Feel free to contact us (via phone for fastest service) before placing your order so that we can try our best to accommodate your timeline.

If we are dealing with heavy volumes and you still need your prints more quickly than our standard turnaround (24-72 hours), we do offer a Rush Service that comes with an additional surcharge.

Some of our products (i.e. Canvas Wraps, Framed Fine Art, Custom Framing, etc.) cannot be rushed for various reasons.

Do you still sell film?
Yes we do. Check out our stock here!
How much do you charge for Passport pictures?
One set (includes 2 printed photos or digital file): $21.99 plus tax
One set (includes 2 printed photos) and a digital copy: $32.99 plus tax
All additional sets (printed or digital): $11.00 plus tax

Do you sell Telescopes?
Yes we do. We carry a variety of Celestron and Sky-Watcher telescopes, and even a beginner telescope for kids - the Celestron FirstScope telescope.
We also carry a selection of binoculars made by Celestron and Nikon, as well as Celestron spotting scopes and sporting/field scopes.

For more details, check this out.

Can you fix my original?
No, unfortunately we cannot restore your original photograph. We make a digital scan of your original (or in some cases, a Camera Copy) and complete the restoration from this copy. Your original is returned to you as we received it, and a perfectly restored final version will be delivered to you via print and/or USB, whatever your preference.
How much do these services cost?
Shoebox Scanning costs as follows (all prices plus tax):

Up to 50 (prints)
: $34.99
: $54.99
: $219.99

Add $6.00 for a USB

25% deposit required on orders of 500 or more

Slide Scanning costs as follows (all prices plus tax):

Up to 50 (slides):
$1.10 each
$0.54 each
$0.43 each

Add $6.00 for a USB

25% deposit required on orders of 500 or more.

What is an Image Wrap? A Colour Wrap?
Whether you want a Gallery or Regular canvas wrap, you will need to choose between an Image or Colour Wrap.
Image Wrap: when the edges of the picture wrap around the sides of the canvas. This canvas style works best with pictures that have a lot of "wiggle room" or a lot of space surrounding all sides of the subject matter.
Colour Wrap: when the edge is either Black, White, or a colour of your choosing. This is a popular choice for pictures that have subject matter that extends to (or close to) the edges of the image, when no part of the image can be "lost" around the edges of the canvas.

What does this service cost?
Fine Art Scanning
  • Fine Art Scan (up to 12x18) - $30.00 + tax
  • Fine Art Scan (up to 16x24) - $60.00 + tax
Fine Art Camera Copy
  • Camera Copy (up to 12x18) - $50.00
  • Camera Copy (12x18 and up) - $110.00

Prices do not include the cost of prints or USB.

Why should I Mount my print?
Adding a hard backing material, like our Smooth Mount or Foamcore, increases the strength and rigidity of your print. In hot and humid environments a large, unmounted print will expand and contract over time, causing it to ripple, sag and stick to frame glass which permanently damages your photograph. Adding an acid-free mounting material substantially increases the lifetime of your print and prevents these negative events from occurring.
We recommend mounting prints 11x14" or larger that are going to be framed.
What does Custom Framing typically cost?
It is nearly impossible to give a price range when dealing with Custom Framing. Generally, we can predict that the smaller the frame, the more affordable it is..but if an 'expensive' moulding is chosen, a larger frame with a more cost-effective moulding may end up being more affordable.

Custom Framing prices vary and depend on the frame size and style, as well as the materials being used.
For example, we offer a choice between regular or non-reflective glass; choosing regular over non-reflective glass will decrease the cost of your Custom Framing project. You can save money (or spend slightly more) by choosing certain sizes and materials over others.

What kind of surfaces do you print on?
Our most popular print surface is Fuji Crystal Archive Luster paper. We also offer prints on Metallic Paper, Fine Art William Turner Giclee, Fine Art Smooth Matte, Canvas, various Photo Gifting products, Art Decals, and Plaque Mounts.

Do you sell disposable cameras?
We sure do. We carry a variety of Colour and B&W disposable cameras - make sure to return exposed rolls to us for developing, prints and/or scans!
Do you offer any other Passport services?
Yes, we also offer:

Canadian & US Visa, Canadian Immigration, Canadian Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizenship, Canadian Gun Registration (Firearm License), Visa Photos for any Country (please bring in sizing information for any non-Canadian Visa and Passport to verify in case of any regulation changes).

We also take ID Photos for exams and licensing boards.

What is your return policy?
Items purchased from Atlantic Photo Supply may be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Items must be returned in the original packaging with all component pieces and in unused condition, free of visible marks, scratches or defects as received including the manufacturer's original packaging otherwise returns will be subject to a minimum restocking and/or repacking fee (10%).
No refund or exchange of the following items will be accepted:
* Special Orders
* Gift Cards
* Clearance Items
* Open Memory Cards
* Re-furbished stock
* Printers in which ink or ribbon has been installed
* Sensitized Goods like film, paper, chemistry, batteries, ink cartridges and drones.
Shipping, freight and insurance are not refundable except in the case of an error by Atlantic Photo Supply.

What types of restorations can you do?
The most common restorations we do include:
When possible, we restore images to their original colour (in more difficult cases, your photograph will need to be colourized)
Turn colour images to Black & White/Sepia
Colourize Black & White/Sepia photographs
Clean up tears, scratches, cracks, water damage and dust
Restore density and contrast to photographs that have faded over time
Replace or fix backgrounds; add or remove people, objects and text
Restore faces, hands and features (generally some of our most costly work, as we may need to work from multiple photographs)
What is the largest Canvas you can make?
The largest Canvas we can make is 52x84 inches! This size is not offered on our website, however if you're interested in printing a canvas this size simply order the largest size available online and write in the comments that you want the largest canvas available! As always, before printing we will check to ensure the image file you submit is large enough to print at that size, and call you to pay the additional cost.
What is the turnaround time for your bulk services?
Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. This can increase or decrease, depending on the time of year and/or the amount of slides/prints in your order! If you need a more exact timeframe or are in a rush, just give us a call.
Why should I Laminate my print?
Lamination protects against temperature fluctuations and humidity that can cause prints to stick to frame glass, while increasing the overall lifetime of your print.

A laminate is a clear, protective film that shields your print from damaging moisture, scratches, fingerprints and dirt; laminated prints can even be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth - ideal when framing without glass.
What materials do you use for Mounting? For Lamination?

This is our preferred choice for mounting material. Smooth Mount is very dense and stable yet thin (1/16"), making it the perfect option for most framing projects. 100% acid-free with a completely smooth surface, Smooth Mount is best suited for any photographic print you wish to frame or increase the lifetime of.


Our thickest mounting option at 3/16'', black Foamcore board is lighter and less dense than Smooth Mount. Foamcore is best suited for large prints intended for display on easels or for framing a print that requires a thicker backing. Unlike Smooth Mount, not all parts of this material are completely acid-free.

The most popular laminate with both our consumer and professional clientele, this lamination has a subtle leather-like texture that adds dimension and texture, enhancing your print’s overall look and tactile feel. It will not alter the colour or sharpness of your original print and is the perfect compliment for any type of image.


Subtly textured, this lamination adds a delicate sheen to your photographic prints and is best for photos that will be viewed indoors under direct lighting conditions.
How does my choice of mat affect the overall look of my frame?
There are many ways to display artwork, and a mat can make all the difference. Here are some different mat style options for your custom frame that can affect the final look of your custom framing project.  
No mat: this is a great way to obtain a very popular modern and minimalist look, plus it will save money as well because your frame will be smaller than if a mat had been chosen.

An oversized mat: this has become a very popular method for accentuating a smaller piece of artwork, and can be done with larger pieces of artwork as well depending on the final look you may be going for. This will no doubt add visual intrigue and interest to your art, but will also increase the overall price as a larger frame than necessary will be required to complete your project.

A double mat:
this is a cost-effective way to increase visual interest and draw more attention to your art. A double mat can have two mats of the same colour or tone, or can be two completely different colours/mat styles.

Choosing a neutral mat colour:
choosing a muted mat colour will compliment your artwork rather than distract from it, making it “pop and drawing the eye to it. 

Choosing a bold mat colour:
in some instances, a bold coloured mat can add to - rather than distract from - the overall look and feel of your artwork. This depends on many things, including the individual artwork and the colour scheme and style of the room it will be displayed in. 

A weighted bottom
: rather than having a mat with all four sides of equal width, this is when the bottom margin is taller (or wider) than the top and sides of the mat. This can elevate and add elegance to your artwork, and is a more traditional matting method.

Multiple openings
: this mat style is meant for highlighting multiple artwork pieces in the same frame, which can save money overall. The artworks should (but don’t necessarily haveto) be complimentary pieces that are similar in style, size and colour.
Can I send my pictures to you in an email?
No, sorry. We cannot accept orders or images through email for security reasons. Orders are accepted in-store or online only.
Can I mail my film to you for developing?
Of course! Just print and fill out our Mail-In Film Developing form below.
If you have any questions regarding the form, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. Please note that turnaround times will increase for mailed-in film.
Download Form: Mail-In Film Developing
Do you offer baby Passport pictures?
Yes, if your child can sit up!  We use a stool, so they must be able to sit up on their own with zero or very minimal help from Mom or Dad. You’ll be allowed to crouch close by for safety, but your pictures will be rejected by Passport Canada if they can see your hands holding your child.

Do you take family portraits or headshots?
No, we are not a photography studio. The only pictures we take are for Passports!
Why do Photo Restorations cost so much?
All photo restorations are tedious and time-consuming, sometimes even requiring research to be done before the work can begin or while it's already in progress. Your original needs to be scanned, and if it can't be scanned (due to size or quality/texture/damage issues) we have to make a Camera Copy, which gets complicated when trying to capture each and every detail. Professional quality is our focus over anything else as we strive to provide the most natural and seamless work that we can, rather than fast work that can look cut-and-pasted.
If budget is an issue, we will certainly recommend our most cost-effective fixes (not necessarily the 'best' or most in-depth options) so that you can still be happy with the restoration, without worry about cost.
How long will it take to receive my Canvas?
You will receive your canvas wrap within 10 business days of placing your order. If you're ordering just a print, please allow for 5-7 business days.
If you need a Canvas Wrap faster than this, please give us a call! Sometimes we are able to accommodate a faster turnaround depending on your flexibility with sizing and the stretchers we currently have on hand.
What print sizes are accepted?
Our Shoebox Scanning service can handle print sizes ranging from 2.5x3.5" (wallet size) to 8x12", and can be in either colour or black and white. Anything larger than 8x12 needs to be scanned on our larger scanners and is subject to those prices.
What’s the biggest size print you can Mount? Laminate?
Smooth Mount: for prints up to 46"x94"
Foamcore: for prints up to 34"x46"
Leather: for prints up to 50"x94"
Pearl: for prints up to 36" wide

What are some things to consider when custom framing a piece of artwork?
At the end of the day, all decisions are up to you. You don’t have to adhere to any specific set of rules!
That being said…
Custom Framing is meant to serve the artwork, with a goal of making it the center of attention. Don’t change your artwork to fit a specific frame, your frame needs to fit the artwork. That is why you always start with a specific piece of art before beginning the custom framing process of first choosing a frame and mat, etc.

You may consider the style/design of the room in which the art will be displayed, but don’t let it control your choices. Remember, firstly, that the goal is to serve the artwork. You can definitely let environmental characteristics influence your colour choices, but overall compatibility with the art should still play a role in the choice of mat and frame.
Do you do any corrections to my images?
No...we do not alter or auto-correct your images, they're printed exactly as sent.
If you want to make adjustments yourself...there is an option for you to make some colour and contrast/brightness corrections within the software (select your photo and choose ‘Edit’ in the right-hand panel). Please check the image previews upon check-out to make sure you’re satisfied with any edits you’ve made.
If you want us to make some colour adjustments for will be charged per fix, per image. Contact us prior to ordering for pricing or for more information.
Do you develop Black & White film?
Yes. We offer B&W Film Developing as an out-lab service.

Rolls are mailed out every Friday, and typical turnaround time for B&W rolls is 20 Business Days. Mail-in or drop off your film to either of our locations in Halifax and Dartmouth!
Do you have a "busy season?"
Yes, generally you'll experience longer turnaround times for your orders between September through December each year. Make sure you allow for these longer wait times when ordering your Christmas gifts!
How long will it take?
From start to finish, you can be in and out of the store with your new passport pictures in less than 10 minutes! Please allow for an extra 10 minutes if you are having photos taken of your child.

Why should I get my Canvas from you? I can find them cheaper almost everywhere else!
We understand that other businesses can offer Canvas products for more affordable prices. They can do this because the materials and products they use are not archival, meaning within a relatively short amount of time the image will fade or the canvas may warp or even separate from the frame due to humidity and harsh sunlight. This is all fine if you want fast, temporary artwork or if you change your artwork frequently.
We care less about speed and more about providing you with beautiful, high quality and long lasting products. Our expert technicians treat every canvas they make with great care, ensuring your image's colour and density are checked and approved before printing. If we run into any issues at all, or feel your canvas could be better in any kind of way, we will get in touch with you before printing - every single time. We always want to ensure you are receiving the best possible version of your image! Those other companies would simply shrug their shoulders and print your image anyway.
Our canvases are museum-grade quality, 100+ years archival. Through humidity, bright sunlight and with the general passage of time they will retain their shape with no risk of warping or separating from the frame, and the image will not fade (assuming the canvas is not subject to harsh sunlight at all times of the day).
We use ultrachrome inks and media that ensure the stability of your image for 100+ years - meaning your image will remain stable and vibrant for as long as you choose to display your canvas. Our poly-cotton, bright white canvas is the very highest quality product available. It is also certified OBA and acid-free, making it entirely eco-friendly! Every one of our canvas wraps and prints is varnished with artists' medium varnish, which both protects and enhances the appearance of your image. This varnish is waterproof, non-yellowing, and adds vibrancy, depth and tone to your image.
Through intense research and years of trial and error, we know the canvas materials we use will withstand the test of time. Each Canvas Wrap we make is hand-stretched onto a Canadian-made wooden stretcher frame, right here in our lab! If you want to see and feel the difference for yourself, please come into our Brownlow location for side-by-side examples of our canvas vs. our competitors canvas.
What slides are accepted?
Our Slide Scanning service is appropriate for 135mm and 126mm mounted slides only.
135mm slides might have a slight black edge showing, but typically the entire image fits edge-to-edge with little to no border. The 126mm slides are a bit different; because they're square, these scans are returned with a black edge on the left and right sides. This cannot be avoided as the camera we use to capture these scans has a 3:2 aspect ratio, and the 126mm slides have a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio.
How long does it take?
The Mounting and Laminating process adds an additional 2 Business Days to your print order, so you’re looking at anywhere from 3-5 Business Days total for adding Mounting and/or Lamination to your prints.
What are some things to consider when choosing a mat and frame?
1. As a general rule, the width of the mat and the frame moulding should be obviously different. For example, if the matting is 3" wide, the moulding should be 2" wide (or less) or 4" wide (or more).
2. Don’t be afraid of large mat borders. They create a visually pleasing space between the artwork and the frame, and tend to make your art look "important." Narrow mats can distract the eye with too many patterns of lines surrounding the artwork and tend to look skimpy on artwork larger than 8x10.
3. Prior to choosing a frame style and mat colour, assess the artwork and note the following: its dominant color value. Its overall temperature. Its style.

A color's value is where it falls on the white to black scale.  When it falls more toward white it's a tint; when it falls more toward black it's a shade; in between are tones. You will want to select mat and frame colors that share (but not necessarily match) the artwork's dominant colour value.

The overall
temperature is the appearance of either warm (oranges, reds, yellows, browns, golds) or cool (violets, blues, greens, pinks) colors in the artwork. The art will probably have a mix of colors, but you will be looking for the temperature that seems to dominate. You will want to select mat and frame colors that share the artwork's dominant temperature.

Consider the
style of the artwork. Is it Contemporary? Classical? Rustic? Modern? Does it give you bright, positive, upbeat feelings, or dark and brooding ones? Choosing a frame moulding that matches the style of the artwork is key to presenting your art effectively in a custom frame.

I don’t see the size I need online. Can you print custom sizes?
YES! If you need a custom size we can accommodate you.

Place an order for the closest size you can find, and write a comment stating the actual print size you're looking for. You will find the comment section in "Review & Order", directly above your subtotal. If necessary, we'll adjust any pricing and contact you after your order is placed.


Email us at or call (902) 423-6724 prior to placing your order.
How To Add A Comment
What types of film do you accept?
Colour (C-41) rolls we can develop are: 135mm, 110mm, 126mm, 120/220mm & APS.
B&W rolls we can develop are: 135mm, 126mm, 120/220mm.
Do you offer Video/Audio data transfer for my 8mm/16mm reels or camcorder/audio tapes?
No, we deal with photographic media only.
What is required of me/what can I wear?
Passport Canada requires you to have a neutral facial expression (eyes open and visible, looking straight at the camera with a closed mouth, no smiling or frowning).

As for what you can wear...

Glasses are acceptable, however your eyes must be clearly visible with ZERO glare on the lenses. We recommend removing your glasses for your passport pictures whenever possible.

Your hair can be up or down. Just ensure your hair is off your face, so that your entire face/facial features are visible.

Hats and head coverings that are worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons are accepted, though the head covering must not create any shadows on your face.

You may sit in a wheelchair as long as a white blanket is placed behind your head.

For infant/toddler passport pictures...

They must be able to sit up (our rule at Atlantic Photo Supply)

They must sit square to the camera (no body or head tilting)

Their facial expression must be neutral (no smiles or frowning), with their mouth closed.

The pictures must not show your hands or your child's hands. You are allowed to crouch behind your child and put your hand on their back, underneath their clothing, for support.
What types of glass do you offer?
Regular glass:
  • Reflective
  • Doesn’t block UV rays
  • Most cost-effective option
Museum glass:
  • Non-reflective
  • Blocks 99 percent of UV rays
  • More expensive than Regular glass
No glass can protect 100 percent against UV rays. The best preventive measure is to also install a UV-filtering film on your windows. Even if only 1 percent of UV rays gets through, it can affect the artwork over time.
Why do my prints have a white border? I didn’t order prints with borders!
The simple answer is that your photos aren't the same ratio (shape) as the print size(s) you ordered. When the photo ratio and the print size ratio do not match, a crop is required.
Because you chose “Shrink to Fit” to avoid cropping (rather than choosing a “Center” crop), a white border was automatically added to your selected print size to "fill in" the space that would have been cropped off of your photo. Shrink to Fit "fits" your image into the print size you chose without cropping any of your image.

Prior to placing your order, the image previews would have shown that there will be a white border on your images (either top and bottom, or left and right). To avoid these borders in the future, a "Center" crop must be chosen when ordering rather than "Shrink to Fit". Make sure to move the crop to your liking, ensuring that nothing important is being cropped out of your print. You may have to choose a different print size to avoid losing important details.

Avoid cropping entirely by selecting a print size that matches the ratio (shape) of your photo, or by asking the lab for a Custom Size in the comment section.
Center vs. Shrink to Fit
I found some really old rolls of film - is this something you can develop?
Your best bet is to bring it in for one of our employees to check out!

It depends on a few things, such as how it was stored (is it water or heat damaged?) Usually we can develop most rolls that our customers find, but unfortunately in some instances we won't be able to process them.
Do you have tips for infant/toddler passports?
Taking pictures of children can be difficult - but add strict Passport Canada rules, and it can be downright frustrating for parents! We have seen that it can help to:
Expect it to take a bit longer to get an acceptable passport photo of your child.
Whenever possible, have two people present that the child is comfortable with. One person can stand near the photographer to get the child's attention, and the other can 'hold' the child in position.
Sometimes a favourite toy can be helpful for getting the child's attention (one person can hold the toy near the camera during the photo shoot)
For older infants and toddlers, feeding them small snacks while we take their pictures can be helpful to ensure we get a picture with their mouth closed.
We recommend that you dress your child in dark-ish clothes (avoid white). Hair must be out of their face, to ensure we can capture their entire face/facial features.
Why are heads/feet being “cut off” in my prints?
The print size you’ve chosen doesn’t match the ratio (shape) of your photo, resulting in a crop. It is up to you to adjust/move the blue crop area to your liking, otherwise it crops your photo in the center by default.
To avoid a crop entirely, choose a (different) print size that matches the ratio (shape) of the image you chose. You can also choose “Shrink to Fit” (which adds a white border to make the image "fit" the print size) or ask us to print your photo as a custom size!
Make sure to double-check the previews before ordering to ensure the photos have been cropped to your liking!

View the link below for a visual example of this problem.

View an Example
Do you develop E-6 Slide film?
Unfortunately no, we no longer offer slide film developing as an out-lab service.

If you have mounted slides or rolls/strips of E-6, we can still scan and/or print them!
Why is my photo being cropped?
The print size you’ve chosen doesn’t match the ratio (shape) of the photo you want printed, resulting in a crop.
To avoid cropping: make sure the ratio of your image and the ratio of the print size match. If they don't match exactly, your photo must be cropped. How much depends on how different the ratios are. You may also choose a different print size, ask for a Custom Size in the comments, or choose "Shrink to Fit" when ordering to 'fit' your image into the print size you've chosen (this will result in white borders added to your photo to fill in the negative space).

For help with ratios and cropping, please review our question about Aspect Ratios or view the link below.
Cropping Guide
I know I took 24 pictures, but didn't get that amount back. Why?
The reason you did not receive as many scanned photos as you know you have taken is because we only scan or include frames from your rolls that have something showing/exposed.

For example: if your camera misfires or something goes wrong with the exposure, your image just looks black/blank once it's developed. When scanning, it shows up as a black image on our screen. Before skipping the scan, we lighten the frame to make sure nothing is there we may have missed (and obviously if something shows up we include that frame). If nothing shows up, we skip the scan.

If we were to include these scans, you'd see just a black or blank image.
Why does my print look bad (low quality/pixelated)?
There are a great number of reasons why your prints may not have turned out as you expected. Commonly, it is because the digital image did not have a high enough resolution for the print size that was chosen. Avoid saving pictures directly from online sources (Facebook, Google, etc.) and when saving digital files from a professional photographer, make sure that you are downloading the high-resolution (300 DPI) versions. 
To avoid low-quality prints in the future, make sure your images are as high of a resolution as possible, preferably 300 DPI or more, and properly sized to the size print you chose (for example: ideally, an 8x12 photo will be sized 8x12 @ 300 DPI, or 2400 x 3600 pixels)

Review the link below or check out our question "How Big Can I Make My Print?" for information on how to easily tell what size your image can be printed!
How big can I make my print?
My prints are dark/desaturated but they look fine on my screen. Why?
We do not make adjustments or auto-correct your images prior to printing - we have to assume the images you submit are properly prepared for printing. If you have not professionally printed your digital images before, you may certainly see a difference between screen and print (with the prints usually looking "darker" than expected).

A simple fix for this is to increase the brightness of your image before ordering, using photo editing software (like Photoshop and Lightroom) or similar mobile photo editing apps. You could also lighten your image using our software, in the "Edit" section (under 'Contrast'). If you don't want to try either of those, you can ask us to brighten your images for a small fee using the comment section. And make sure you’re using the right colour space for printing with us, which is sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998). Any other colour space will result in colours that are dull or just not accurate.

Why does this happen?
Unfortunately, your screen cannot display an accurate representation of a printed image. Because the screen itself is a light source, it shines through pixels and makes your images look brighter and more saturated than they actually are. This is why your images "seem" to print darker and less saturated than what you see on your screen, when in actual fact, the print is more accurate to real life. The colors will never be a perfect match because the image on your screen and the print from the printer use two different color sources.
What colour space should my images be in?
Please submit your files to us as JPEG's in either sRGB or Adobe RGB colour space - SRGB is actually ideal for printing with our Lab. Any colour space (other than the above) will result in inaccurate colours and/or dull images that you will most likely be unhappy with.

What does “Quick Order” mean?
Selecting “Quick Order” while building your order is a way to quickly apply the same size or edit to every photo you’ve uploaded, rather than selecting the prints/sizes individually.
It has nothing to do with the speed in which you’ll receive your order. If you need your prints faster than our regular turnaround (24-72 hours), please call us before placing your order and ask for Rush production (you may need to pay an additional fee for our Rush service).
How big can I make my print?
The fastest way to tell if your photo's size/resolution is appropriate for the print size you want is to upload the picture to our system and choose the print size you want. The system will immediately show a yellow (!) alert if your photo's resolution is too low. If you see that alert, we recommend choosing a smaller print size or choosing a different photo that has a higher resolution.
The link below will help you determine how big you can print your image!
How Big Can I Make My Print?
What is the largest print you can make?
For our regular Lustre prints, our printers can handle up to 58 inches wide by 99 feet long!
Please contact us prior to ordering for exact sizing information, as you may be looking for a different print surface (and they all vary in available sizes).
If I bring my phone in, can you get the pictures off of it?
Yes, we will show you what to do and assist as needed. If you plan on using our Kiosk, make sure to bring in your phone cord - you can plug your phone into our computer and go through the photos on it, choosing prints as you wish. You may then place your order directly from the computer. Or we can show you how to place an order from your phone.
Can you print locket-sized photos for a necklace?
Yes! We offer a Locket Size print option in our Lustre Prints section.
1. Head to Photo Prints and select ORDER PRINTS NOW.
2. Upload your image(s).
3. Scroll to the very bottom of the Lustre Prints section. Here you will see a product called "Locket Size Prints" for $20
(this price is a set up fee, because we must lay out your image in multiple different sizes on the same sheet)

You'll recieve two (of the same) 4x6 prints with multiple different sizes of your image to ensure you'll find one to fit the size of your locket!
Show Me
I ordered multiple products at the same time. What happens now?
Because different products get completed at different times, typically whatever is finished first gets held in-house to wait for everything in your order to be completed. Once every part of your order is complete, that's when we will send you an email that your order can be picked up (or it has been shipped).
If you prefer, we can call (or email) you when each part of your order is completed so that you can pick up as each product is ready. Just let us know in the comments if you'd rather pick up each product as it is ready; it shouldn't be a problem!
Do you offer quantity discounts?
For most of our products, yes!

The only products that do not qualify for bulk/quantity discounts are:

  1. Lustre and Metallic prints over 70 united inches (32x40 and up)
  2. Scanning Art Work and Camera Copy Work
  3. Film Developing & Scanning
  4. Canvas Wraps
  5. Framed Fine Art / Custom Framing
  6. Mounting & Lamination
  7. Plaque Mounts
I am a Professional Photographer. Do you offer special pricing or programs for professionals?
Yes, we do. We provide pro-pricing to professional photography clients who print with us, tiered by how much you spend per year (the more you spend, the higher the discount is).
Please contact the General Manager, Allen, at or call 902-423-6724 x1. If you are approved, he will set you up with an account and provide you with more information regarding pricing and ordering systems our Professionals use (Workstream and/or ROES).
If I send in an order, can someone else pick it up for me?
Of course. Please call in advance to let us know who it will be and we will put a note on your order. No sweat!
Can you make a copy of my picture?
We sure can. We offer a multitude of options, depending on what you are looking for.
1. We can make a printed copy of your photograph/slide/negative (it can be scanned to USB as well, if desired).

2. We can scan your photograph/slide/negative to a USB, in high or low resolution, so you can print it at a later time.

3. We can Fine Art scan your Artwork to USB, and print copies for you if you wish.

4. We can make a Camera Copy of your Artwork (large, or textured pieces), which we scan to USB (and print copies for you if you wish).
What types of images can you print?
We can print JPEG’s only. 
.PNG, .TIFF, .BMP, .PDF and .PSD files will need to be saved as JPEG’s before being submitted to us for printing.

Can you ship my order to me?
Yes! We will ship anywhere in Canada, and orders over $75 are shipped for free!

Do you have any tips for ordering from your website?

Before starting, MAKE SURE TO USE A GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER rather than Safari, etc.

From a Chrome browser, go to our website and choose "Photo Prints" - follow the steps and order prints directly from your photo albums!

If you are printing more than a few images, create an Album in your Photo Gallery with only the images you want to have printed. That way, you'll be sure to not forget to order anything and can focus on the details (print sizes and quantities, cropping, etc.!) This is also helpful in case something goes awry; you won't need to scroll endlessly to find your pictures again!

If you think any of your images could be too dark, use the built-in editor on your phone or download a photo editing app to lighten those pictures. You can also lighten from our system, under "Edit" - "Contrast".

If you're saving pictures from your email, make sure they're downloaded as the Original (largest) size.

Pay attention to the sizes; if your image is too small, a yellow (!) alert will show up and you should choose a smaller size for better quality.

When checking out, ensure the information you enter (your name, address, etc.) matches exactly to your payment information, otherwise your order cannot be completed.


Before starting, MAKE SURE TO USE A GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER rather than Safari, etc.

Gather all of the images you want to print into one folder on your desktop or somewhere that's easy to find (just copy the images so you're not directly moving them from their original folders). You can just delete this folder after ordering if you want to. This is helpful in case something goes awry; you won't need to hunt down all of your pictures again!

If you've downloaded professional photos from an online Gallery, make sure you've downloaded the high-resolution files from the photographer.

Pay attention to the sizes; if the image is too small, a yellow (!) alert will show up and you should choose a smaller size for better quality.

If you're saving pictures from your email, make sure they're downloaded as the Original (largest) size.

When checking out, ensure the information you enter (your name, address, etc.) matches exactly to your payment information, otherwise your order cannot be completed.

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