The Digital Tragedy

May 3, 2024


The world turned digital. Picture taking has never been any easier or cheaper.

Photography, at its inception, was expensive and time consuming. Many families opted to have only a few portraits taken over a lifetime.

Many of those prints still exist today in ancient family albums, passed down and cherished by each subsequent generation. With the digital revolution, we have been able to capture every moment, quickly and at relatively low cost. Whereas in previous generations we were required to use film, make prints, and archive those prints in albums and frames like our parents and grandparents before us, now the most photographed generation, rarely sees a print.


Humans are storytellers. They share stories of family, friends, good times and bad, history, mystery, and that time grandpa’s comb over just wouldn’t stay down in the wind. Pictures play a part in that story. Photos are a key to memory.

In 50 years, millions of Digital Train Wreck stories will no longer exist. They won’t exist because they were left on phones and hard drives, on a long forgotten internet cloud or a dead social media platform. DO NOT GET COMPLACENT! One catastrophic crash and a lifetime of photos can get erased.


You are the one who tells the story of the events around you, big and small. Don't live in false fail safes like hard drives, clouds, phones, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Does anyone remember the 8 track cassette? How about CDs and DVDs?

CDs and DVDs used to be the data storage backup of choice, and now many computers are not even sold with DVD or CD drives. How many of you have photos from just 5 years ago that are no longer easily accessible because of the quick pace of changing technology?

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said he never intended for the latent image to die on someone's hard drive. Don’t be part of this tragedy. Print what you want to keep. You get to choose how your story gets told; create albums, photobooks, put canvas prints on the wall, or create whole pages for your scrapbook.

Atlantic Photo Supply has been helping people tell their story since 1942, and we are proud of that.

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